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Housing support

If you are experiencing a housing issue and live in a social housing property contact your housing office first to try and resolve the problem and report any issues.

Shelter provides a great deal of help and advice regarding housing and homelessness issues, including housing benefit, private renting, financial help and evictions. You can find advice and contact details on their website.

Help if you're at risk of homelessness

If you are facing the threat of homelessness contact or visit the Leeds Housing Options service as soon as possible.

Their contact details are:

Leeds Housing Options 

Merrion House

110 Merrion Centre


Opening times:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am - 4pm

Tuesday: 10am - 4pm

Phone:  0113 222 4412

Emergency out of hours: 0113 378 8366


Bidding for a new home

If you are bidding for a new home and are concerned that you have been waiting a long time for a new property, there are many things you can do to increase your chances.


We would always recommend that people ensure they are bidding on the correct type of properties, as bids on properties you are not eligible for will not be counted.


Try to bid on as many suitable properties as possible during each bidding cycle and extend your area of choice where possible. Often, people concentrate their bids in specific high demand areas where properties do not become available as often, which means they will have to wait much longer to find a new property.

Always make sure the Local Authority know about any household circumstances which may change your priority, such as disabilities and mobility issues. Speak to the local authority if you are concerned about your bids or would like to explore further options.

If you are someone you know is sleeping on the streets, contact:

Phone: 0113 245 9445


If you require more in-depth housing support and have multiple support needs, you can access support from a housing navigator at Engage Leeds:

Telephone: 0113 380 7615

If you’re homeless or at risk of homelessness, or need help with an urgent housing issue, Better Leeds can assist:

They offer appointments at the Burley Lodge Centre Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm, but you can also call them on 0113 275 4142 or email

If you'd still like to contact Alex

We now offer surgeries via zoom or phone twice a month.

In certain circumstances we can offer face to face to appointments if needed.

To book an appointment please email with your full name, address, contact details with information on the subject you would like to discuss with Alex. 


Alex and the team also have ‘street surgeries’ around the constituency each month. If he is coming to your street you will receive a letter in advance.

If you and your neighbours would like to see Alex on your street and discuss issues that are important send us an email at


Policy questions

Alex has a live Facebook Q&A ('Ask Alex') where you can submit questions on local and national issues. This takes place twice a month. Or you can email him. Find out more and submit a policy question.

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