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My Objection to the Adel Development

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I have today formally objected to the application lodged by Barratt David Wilson Homes for the proposed development of 100 dwellings to the East of Otley Road in Adel. In my letter to planning inspectors I sert out the below reasons:

  1. Whilst I appreciate and welcome provision within the application for dwellings available for those on Housing Association lists, the vast majority of dwellings will be four and five bedroomed. There is not a shortage of housing for this market, particularly in Adel and Wharfedale. A fair housing mix is important and new houses in the area must be genuinely affordable, particularly for first time buyers, young families or for those looking to downsize.

  2. Care must be taken to preserve the historic heritage of the area. The proposed site would neighbour a 12th Century Norman church. In 2014, English Heritage recommended that “the design and materials of any new development reflects the local built character” and use “high quality, local materials.” There is a great concern locally that BDWH would not be planning to take this into consideration. It should also be noted that Historic England have consistently opposed any built development East of the Beck due to the historic importance of St. Johns the Baptist Church. BDWH propose to build a pumping station to the East of the Beck.

  3. The proposed housing would be built on greenfield land. There are spaces in Leeds suitable for this number of dwellings which would not have to be built on greenfield.

I hope that the concerns of residents will be taken into account and addressed. There have been many objections to this site lodged by residents via the public access website.

You can make a public objection via this website quoting the application number 18/04343


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