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Statement of Fact – Alex Sobel and Coronavirus

This morning, 14th February 2020, the office of Alex Sobel MP received a call from a journalist at ITV to inform us that the UK Bus summit event that Alex attended in Parliament on February 6th, was also attended by someone who has contracted coronavirus.

As neither Public Health or the event organisers could confirm or deny whether Alex was in close proximity to the person, Alex decided to take reasonable action in the circumstances.

The official advice in this circumstance is to self-isolate*, call 111 and receive an assessment.

As Alex is a public figure who comes into contact with many constituents, as a precaution he has cancelled all public engagements, including constituency surgeries until the 14-day incubation period is over.

Alex has spent the afternoon in isolation in a room in his office away from staff. After receiving advice from 111 and being established as low risk, Alex will not remain in isolation, but will stay away from public engagements as a precautionary measure.

To be absolutely clear, Alex has not been tested for coronavirus, only assessed by 111.

Whilst Alex will stay away from public engagement, the office will remain open and Alex will remain contactable, casework will be completed as normal.

  • * in close contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus

Do not go to a GP surgery or hospital. Call 111, stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people. (


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