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Woodside Quarry

There has been a lot of Liberal-Democrat misinformation recently about local transport proposals, especially rail stations. This letter is to explain what is actually happening and invite you to send me your views, so I can represent the best interests of our area. Here are some important points:

  • The Lib-Dems falsely claim that I, and other members of the Labour Party, have “rejected” plans for a new station near the Ring Road, as part of the Woodside Quarry development. That’s nonsense - we support the plans for a new rail halt at Woodside but do not believe that a major Park+Ride scheme there is acceptable. It would involve a large multi-storey car park, destroying many currently protected trees; and would draw hundreds of cars into the area at peak hours, increasing congestion. I don’t believe this is what the old or new residents of the area would want. The leaders of Horsforth Town Council are also alarmed by this major proposal.

  • We do support the idea of a new station, outside the City’s built-up area, at the southern end of Bramhope tunnel. A Park+Ride station there can attract traffic from Otley and North Yorkshire before it enters our residential areas and will improve connections to the airport. This is a costed plan, already at the design and consultation stage, which could be built in the next 2-3 years.

  • The new station at Bramhope tunnel entrance is close enough to Horsforth and Cookridge to attract cars that park around Horsforth station. A Park+Ride station there, coupled with a review of local parking controls, should improve the current congestion around Horsforth Station.

I have spent time discussing the proposals with City leaders and transport experts. We believe the two proposals are complementary, not mutually exclusive; they serve different groups of people. To make them work we need an electrified train service, which I and my Labour colleagues strongly support. A Woodside halt for people who walk, cycle or use the new estate’s shuttle bus, will complement the strategic plan for Park+Ride at Bramhope Tunnel. I look forward to both being completed, moving us towards the greener, more effective transport system that we all want to see.

*Photo credit RichTea, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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