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Drugs and alcohol

We recommend Forward Leeds, who offer support to those misusing alcohol and/or drugs in Leeds.


You can self refer via their website, or contact via telephone: 0113 887 2477 or email:


Forward Leeds have dedicated support and information for young people up to the age of 21 and a separate phone line 0113 887 2757. You can also call or text 07525265755 or email

If you'd still like to contact Alex

We now offer surgeries via zoom or phone twice a month.

In certain circumstances we can offer face to face to appointments if needed.

To book an appointment please email with your full name, address, contact details with information on the subject you would like to discuss with Alex. 


Alex and the team also have ‘street surgeries’ around the constituency each month. If he is coming to your street you will receive a letter in advance.

If you and your neighbours would like to see Alex on your street and discuss issues that are important send us an email at


Policy questions

Alex has a live Facebook Q&A ('Ask Alex') where you can submit questions on local and national issues. This takes place twice a month. Or you can email him. Find out more and submit a policy question.

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