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Alex Sobel is a seasoned politician and a respected voice in the political arena. He developed an early interest in social and environmental issues, which laid the foundation for his commitment to public service.


Through his work as a Politician, a former Leeds City Councillor and through his previous work in Social Enterprise he has the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex challenges facing our society.

Alex is committed to serving the diverse needs of our community and advocating for a better tomorrow.

"Embrace the power of unity, for it is through collaboration and understanding that we can illuminate the darkest paths and create a brighter future for all." - Alex Sobel MP

Our Mission

A Champion for the Environment

One of Alex Sobel's defining characteristics is his unwavering dedication to environmental causes. As an MP, he has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices, fighting against climate change, and preserving our natural resources.

Alex believes that by implementing innovative policies and supporting renewable energy initiatives, we can safeguard our planet for future generations.

Alex supporting Animal campaign 'Cruelty Free International'
B&W Photo of Alex

Advocating for Social Equality

Alex is a firm believer in the importance of social equality and inclusivity. He has been a vocal advocate for various social justice issues, including affordable housing, education, and healthcare.


By striving for policies that uplift the marginalised and empower the underrepresented.


He believes everyone should have an equal opportunity to thrive.

Strengthening the Local Community

With a deep connection to the people he serves, Alex Sobel is dedicated to strengthening the bonds within our local community.

He actively engages with constituents through regular meetings, community events, and surgeries. 

By understanding the concerns and needs of his constituents, Alex ensures that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed effectively.

Alex in a meeting
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