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Update on LBA 'CLEUD' applications

Updated: Jan 12

Update: the council has opened a 'call for evidence' on the new 'CLEUD' applications. What does this mean?

The following quote is from the council's press release which you should read if you'd like to submit evidence:

This means that the council is seeking relevant factual evidence – such as flight data, flight times, flight frequency and size of aircraft – relating to the specific operations at Leeds Bradford outlined in the two applications.

Submissions must relate to the period covered by the airport’s evidence, which is January 1, 2008, through to December 23, 2019.

The call for evidence relates to the two applications (23/07489/CLE and 23/07490/CLE) for which the airport has submitted flight movement data."

Read the latest from Leeds Bradford Chief Exec in this document:

CLEUD Update Letter (131223)
Download PDF • 148KB

And here's their 'Q&A' guide to what they've done:

CLEUD QA (131223)
Download PDF • 156KB

I am concerned that Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) did not have confidence enough in their own application especially after my warnings and have withdrawn and submitted new applications.

I will oppose any attempt to extend the Airports ability to schedule flights and weaken accountability of flights.

I always said the Certificates of Existing Lawful Development (CLEUD) applications were not fit for purpose and  feel vindicated but will be closely scrutinising the new application and listening to the voices of concerned residents.


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