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After School activities travel protected after intervention from MP

Alex Sobel has received confirmation that after school activities travel will be protected following news of bus price increases.

Having raised concerns with Connexions and Kilvington of Leeds as well as First, both have agreed to provide additional journeys to meet the needs of students taking part in after-school activities at no additional cost.

After the announcement by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority that they would no longer be able to fund the school buses, Alex sought to delay the roll out to allow parents time to prepare for the price increases. WYCA agreed that they would continue the subsidy until April.

One of the main concerns of parents was the additional costs that would be incurred if students attended after-school activities.

Following discussions, it has been confirmed that tickets issued by either operator will be available for use on these services.

The exact requirements will be negotiated after discussions with Prince Henrys Grammer School.

Alex Sobel said “It is a real shame that the combined authority is unable to continue funding school bus services due to deep Government cuts to our transport services over the last decade. This is yet another burden on parents who are finding their income and living standards squeezed.

That said, I am pleased that the authority has done what it can to mitigate the sudden impact of these changes and todays news ensures that children taking part in after school activities will not be unduly penalised. I will continue to be the voice of parents in my negotiations with all transport providers and authorities as well as a champion for transport funding in Parliament.”


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