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Alex nominated for green award for third time running

Alex Sobel MP is delighted to have been nominated for the third year running for The Green Heart Hero Awards.

Alex has been nominated in the 'local champion’ category for his work towards making Leeds North West cleaner and greener.

The Climate Coalition website describes the awards as ‘celebrating the unsung heroes who are helping to create a future where the UK no longer contributes to climate change.’

Last year the Leeds North West MP achieved funding of £29 million to implement a Clean Air Charging Zone in Leeds by relentlessly lobbying government ministers.

He also dedicated a week to environmental issues to raise awareness of this vital issue around Leeds North West. Activities included litter picking, visiting a retrofitted low carbon super-insulated house complete with solar panels and hot water heating, planting wild flowers and sowing bee friendly seeds and visiting a local ‘bug hotel’ that encourages biodiversity.

Alex is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Environment Group and is a regular attendee at the ‘School Climate Strikes’. He has prepared a Transport strategy, which aims to promote public transport, cycling and walking, improve the local economy, promote environmental sustainability and benefit public health. Alex relentlessly challenges the Government on the Environment, Climate and Cleaner Transport.

He has also launched a cross party group to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the UK

.Alex Sobel said “I feel honoured to have been nominated for the Green Heart Hero Awards again this year.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis that will impact hugely on our lives in the not too distant future. To avoid disaster, we need to act firmly and quickly. I will continue to do what I can in Parliament to put tough legislation forward that penalises polluters and cleans up our air. After all we have no planet B.”

The Winners of the Green Heart Hero Awards will be announced on March 9th 2020.

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