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Alex Sobel celebrates two-year anniversary as MP for Leeds North West

Alex Sobel celebrates two-year anniversary as MP for Leeds North West

Alex Sobel has been the MP for Leeds North West for two years. On June 9th 2017, Mr Sobel swept to victory sealing 44.1% of the vote - a majority of 4,224.

Since then he has set out his stall to be ‘an MP for everyone, routed in the community’ as well as being ‘Leeds North West’s voice in Parliament.’

Mr Sobel couldn’t have taken over at a more fraught time for the country, with the Brexit issue causing deep divides in the nation, dominating the political landscape. Whilst Alex has stood strong on this issue, voting and debating according to the red lines he set out during his election, he has been keen to make his mark on issues beyond Brexit.

Climate change is the issue in which he feels the most passionate. He has been nominated both years for the Greenest MP award as well as taking his seat on Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee. He has addressed global problems, highlighting the scourge of plastic pollution including embarking on a plastic free week, and driving forward the climate emergency in Parliament. He has also been a local voice on Leeds’ issues with Air Quality and pushing forward public transport, holding big train and bus companies to account.

Despite his busy Parliamentary schedule and ambitious agenda, Alex is most at home in Leeds North West, where he lives with his young family. Alongside his award-winning team*, Alex has completed over 10,000 pieces of casework and has conducted 194 surgeries. He is seen frequently at public events and works closely with local community groups and local campaigns on issues across the constituency.

Alex puts great weight on bridging the divide between Parliament and his constituents. He has highlighted the issue of school cuts in the chamber, quoting directly from a survety of schools and parents in the constituency. He has also had over 700 Parliamentary written questions answered, many of which are submitted on behalf of constituent concerns.

Mr Sobel said “It has been the greatest privilege of my life serving my home constituency in Parliament. I will continue to work as hard as I can to make Parliament work for my constituents and to give them a voice at this hugely turbulent time for the country. Thank you to everyone in the community who have been so supportive over the past two years.”

*Caseworker Natalie Wells Russell won the 2018 Parliamentary Staffer of the Year


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