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Alex Sobel discusses Wharfedale Hospital's new Innovative Elective Care Hub during special visit.

Otley’s MP, Alex Sobel visited Wharfedale Hospital, last Friday, to view plans and discuss the commencement of groundbreaking initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare services and sustainability in the region.

Alex said, “The project will see the addition of two state-of-the-art theatres, a recovery unit, admissions and discharge area and an existing ward will become an overnight ward.

The hospital will recruitment of 100 new staff and will see the launch of a 6-day ward, with plans for a 7-day operation in the near future.”

Alex continued “The £10 million Elective Care Hub is a positive step towards catering to the growing demand for healthcare services in the community., the new hub will cater for an additional 3,500 cases per year. This will make a significant difference as since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wharfedale Hospital has faced a doubled workload.”

One of the most significant developments is the introduction of elective day surgery, a collaborative effort shared with Harrogate Trust. This will provide operations including minor cancers, urology and benign gynaecology.

Alex said, “Once completed in Oct 2024 it will provide more accessible and efficient healthcare options for the residents of Wharfedale and surrounding areas”.

Unfortunately, the Chapel Allerton scheme and several other projects nationwide have been halted, impacting the progress of healthcare infrastructure development across the country.

Alex also heard about the challenges that persist, particularly in the recruitment of staff.

Public transport issues also cause staff for employees commuting to and from the hospital at their start and finish times.

Alex commented that “a mobile theatre was introduced nine months ago, the latest development, however, promises an even faster and more efficient service delivery for complex medical procedures.”

Whilst on the visit Alex was keen to learn more about the Hospital’s environmental sustainability following the recent installation of Solar panels above the carpark.

Alex learnt that no clinical waste from the hospital goes to landfill, with appropriate disposal methods in place, including incineration for certain waste types.

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