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Alex Sobel has been nominated for a Green Heart Hero award for a second year in a row

Alex Sobel MP has been nominated for a Green Heart Hero award for the second year in a row following his first nomination in 2018. He has been nominated for ‘Greenest MP.’

The Green Heart Hero Awards give commendation to those who have helped to promote an environmental message. The Climate Coalition website describes the awards as ‘a chance to give a big round of applause to the movers, shakers, and doers who are paving the way to a cleaner future.’

The ceremony that is held includes an audience of over 40 MP’s from across the country, Prime Minister Theresa May, sport and TV personalities and many other inspirational people from different communities. The Green Heart Hero Awards help to raise the profile of the important work that many do to help tackle saving the environment.

Over the past year Alex Sobel has participated in multiple campaigns to tackle issues with the environment such as partaking in a ‘plastic free’ week and travelling to the Arctic Circle with the Environmental Audit Committee to see the dramatic effects that climate change is causing. He has also successfully achieved a £29 million investment for the Clean Air Zone in Leeds leading to the reduction of air pollution in the city.

Alex Sobel has said, “I am very thankful for this opportunity to have been nominated for a Green Heart Hero Award once more and will continue to tackle the fight against pollution, aiming for a cleaner future. Climate change is the biggest threat we face and it is down to everyone to do their bit, be that on a national, international or community level.”


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