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Alex Sobel: Prince Henry’s Admissions Policy is ‘Intrinsically Unfair.’

Alex Sobel has responded to a consultation by Prince Henry’s Grammar School which sets out plans to amend their admissions policy to include children from Bramhope Primary School.

Whilst the admissions policy still states that ‘children for whom Prince Henry’s Grammar School is the nearest high School’ will get priority, Mr Sobel points out the unfairness that would still be in place should the plans go ahead.

He said: “I am deeply concerned by this decision to alter the admissions policy at Prince Henry’s. Having met with Pool C of E Primary School, I can reflect their concern that this policy is going to affect their current pupils who live just outside the closest school area.

Bramhope Primary School is 4.5 miles away from Prince Henry’s and in some parts of Bramhope, Prince Henry’s is their fourth nearest school. Children living on Pool Bank New Road, for example, are only 3.5 miles away from Prince Henry’s and will be placed in the lowest category for admissions.

What’s more, in the results driven modern education culture, there are clear benefits for Prince Henry’s in including children from a higher socio-economic background. Whilst we accept the benefit to them and to the Bramhope pupils that wish to attend Prince Henry’s, it is to the detriment of pupils that fall outside of this and to the other, much closer secondary school who currently has Bramhope in its catchment.

I have long campaigned against academies and against Multi Academy Trusts. There is no proof that they are any better than maintained schools and there is a loss of local accountability. Instead of competing, Leeds schools must work together for the benefit of all Leeds children."

The consultation will run until Friday 23rd November, 2018. All relevant documents can be found at


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