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Alex Sobel seeks clarity and transparency on East of Otley development plans

Otley’s MP Alex Sobel has contacted Persimmon Homes, the company set to deliver the planned East of Otley development, to seek clarification about a letter to residents from the local ward councillors.

Liberal Democrat ward councillors stated in a letter to residents living near the East of Otley site that Persimmon have ‘put forward a new proposal to be allowed to develop a large area to the east of Otley’.

Alex Sobel said: “I have been contacted by many residents concerned by the assertions made in the letter sent by the ward councillors. Of particular concern to me was the notion of new road access from existing residential streets. I felt that it was important to seek clarification from Persimmon directly on the claims made so that we can have full transparency and clarity on the issue.”

In their response to Mr Sobel, Persimmon said: “Persimmon has made no request to the Site Allocations Plan inspector regarding an increase in the allocation of housing adopted by the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).

We can confirm we are seeking to amend the UDP allocation boundary along the anticipated alignment of the relief road. This alteration is based on sound technical and highway safety rationale and not with the desire to increase house numbers.

There are also no proposals to provide vehicular access from existing adjacent residential streets.”

Alex Sobel added: “ There are clear discrepancies between the letter sent out by the ward councillors and the response I received from Persimmon. I have arranged to meet Paul Thornton, Persimmon West Yorkshire Planning Manager, to get full and accurate details about their development plan, including delivery of the relief road, so I can give residents clear and factual information direct from the source. As elected representatives, we have a responsibility to seek full clarification on the important issues before we make assertions to the public.”

“The East of Otley site was allocated for development in 2006 when a Lib Dem/Tory Coalition ran Leeds City Council. Unfortunately there are no mechanisms to stop the development from happening altogether. So, we need to scrutinise the developers properly, supply residents with accurate information, not rumours, and work together to ensure that any development that goes ahead delivers maximum benefits for the town, without playing politics.”


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