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Alex Sobel Transport Strategy Launched

Alex Sobel has released his strategic principles for transport in his constituency.

In an 8 page document, the MP for Leeds North West outlines his strategic principles for transport which he hopes will kick start a conversation about a fix to the wide ranging problems for everyone on the move in Leeds North West.

In it, he describes the role of an MP in furthering change, he said “The purpose of this document is not to engage in a city planning exercise. Nor is it an expert blueprint for a perfect transport system… I am not a traffic engineer, nor am I a highways officer or a local authority decision maker. My role as a Member of Parliament is to evaluate the best outcome for my constituents and advocate on their behalf. It is also my job to identify problems, propose solutions and campaign for change.”

“And change is needed. Leeds is the largest major city in Europe without a mass transit system. Main roads are at capacity and trust in public transport providers is exceedingly low. We are in the midst of a climate emergency which must be the number one priority at every level of Government. We are a growing city that is attracting investment and new jobs. There is also an increased level of housing development across the city. Without proper investment in infrastructure and a sound strategy to underpin it, our transport network could easily get worse and in some cases fail altogether.”

However, Mr Sobel outlines the importance not just of outlining problems but in providing a space for solutions. He said “For some politicians it is much easier to kill ideas than it is to create or further them. But I am not that kind of politician.”

The document, which outlines the “urgent need to address our creaking infrastructure” outlines four strategic principles; promoting public transport, cycling and walking, promoting environmental sustainability, improving the local economy and benefiting public health both physical and mental.

Underpinning these principles are commitments to public transport being run in the interest of people and not private profit, easy access to local amenities, green spaces an end to the dominance of the private car.

The document will be followed by a series of events in Leeds North West designed to bring forward solutions for transport and spark a ‘grass routes’ approach.


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