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Alex Sobel welcomes Clean Air Zone launch date but lambasts 9-month delay

Alex Sobel has welcomed the announcement of a date for the Clean Air Zone, but has criticised the Government for ‘dragging its feet.’

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will be implemented on Monday 28th September.

Alex said, "I am pleased that the Clean Air Zone is finally to be implemented. It is a shame that the Government have dragged their heals on this and we have seen a delay that is simply unacceptable.

My constituents have nine more months of toxic pollution levels that all too often proves fatal. The recent coronavirus outbreak serves to remind us how vulnerable we are, especially those with underlying lung conditions brought on or exacerbated by air pollution.

That said, it is good that we have a date for the implementation and can prepare for the changes. There are still opportunities for businesses to get funding to update their vehicles to ensure they are not adversely affected, and I hope for wide take up."

Businesses looking to take up funding please click here


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