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Clarity sought for East of Otley Development

Alex Sobel is seeking clarity from Leeds City Council as to the status of the East of Otley Development amid rumours of a significant delay.

The MP from Leeds North West put in an objection to the plans brought forward from the East of Otley consortium last year due to 'significant concerns' over the detail of the plan.

Alex said " There is understandable anxiety in the town as to the status of the East of Otley Development and I look forward to meeting with officers in the coming weeks to discuss where we stand. It is my understanding that there will be a communication sent out from the council this week. I had major concerns over the detail of the plan brought forward last year, particularly on the quality of houses, the infrastructure, green space as well as the number of affordable and social houses. It is my view that there needs to be a lot more thinking before the plan would be acceptable to me and the wider community. If there is to be a delay, then I hope we will see a better plan brought forward that better reflects our priorities."

Otley Town Councillor for Danefield Ward, Richard Davies said, "It is heartening to hear that there is likely to be a 12 month delay in the East of Otley application to enable LCC to take account of the huge amount of objections from organisations and residents in Otley. If true, this is a testimony to the quality of the feedback and our desire for developments to benefit the town not just developers. We look forward to the update."


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