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Friends of Yeadon Cemetery Needs You.

A new ‘Friends of Yeadon Cemetery’ group will hold its inaugural meeting next week as community activists and MP Alex Sobel look to secure local oversite of the historic graveyard.

The concept of a ‘friends of’ group was raised at a public meeting in July where local MP Alex Sobel brought residents together with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council to discuss a response to the behaviour of some visitors to the Cemetery during the landing of a rare aircraft.

Mr Sobel has since been working in the background with residents and council officers to ensure that the idea gets off the ground.

He said

“I am hopeful that we have a good turnout of residents to Tuesday’s meeting. Officers from the Parks and Countryside Department will be there to help the group set a constitution. This will allow the new group to operate and act legally on behalf of the Cemetery.

There were many people who wrote to me after the disrespectful behaviour in the summer. It is important that the community have ownership over what is clearly a very important asset.

I am encouraged by how positive and proactive members of the community have been on this and I hope that we can achieve something positive out of a very upsetting event.”

The meeting will take place at the Leeds Sailing and Activity Centre on Tuesday 6th November 2018 between 7pm and 8pm.


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