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Immigration Nightmare has Beautiful Ending

Alex Sobel met with the Yorkshire College of Beauty and a grateful family today after success with a wrongful detention at the UK border.

left to right, Christine Tilley (YCOB), Camille Daniels (mum), Alex Sobel and Princess Daniels

Princess Daniels,17, came legally to the UK from Bermuda to study on a six-month programme at the Yorkshire college of Beauty in Yeadon. She travelled with her mum, Camille, and baby sister who were keen to see their daughter settle in as she embarked on this new adventure.

Instead the family were detained at 5am in Gatwick Airport by the Border Control Services who claimed that Ms Daniels was not entitled to enter the UK to take part on her course.

This came as a huge surprise to the family and to the College of Beauty who had ensured that the correct immigration paperwork was in place.

The College called on their local MP for help, who contacted the Home Office and Border control at Gatwick.

A confusion about the length of Ms Daniels’ course had caused the wrongful detention and she was then allowed to take up her place.

Mr Sobel today met with the family at the college to find out how Princess was settling in.

The Yorkshire College of Beauty has been offering opportunities to students for over 35 years. They provide apprenticeships, working with salons in Yeadon, Otley and throughout Yorkshire and boast an impressive graduate employment rate of over 95%.

Christine Tilley, Principal of the college, told the local MP about issues they are facing as the result of funding cuts. Mr Sobel has committed to work with them to raise their issues in Parliament.

Alex Sobel said “It was a pleasure to meet with Princess and her family and see that she is enjoying her new surroundings. It was also fantastic to visit the college and see the range of courses and apprenticeships on offer there. It was disheartening to hear about how difficult it has become for them under the current Government, but I will do all that I can to represent them in the House of Commons.”

Christine Tilley said “It was fantastic to meet with Alex and to have his help on a difficult case involving one of our students. We are very proud of our history in this community and believe that we deserve the best possible support from Government. That’s why we are delighted to have the support of our local MP.”


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