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Keir Starmer Speaks in Leeds North West

Keir Starmer, Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, spoke in Headingley this week, reaffirming Labour’s commitment to a public vote with the option to remain.

Speaking to a packed room, Mr Starmer described how people had told him to simply ‘get on’ with Brexit, advocating No-Deal. Describing his time working at Eurojust, he said:

“In Eurojust, we'd share our intelligence on terrorist gangs, those that exploit children and women, and traffic people. There's many more of those trafficked people than you'd care to think. that goes on 24/7, and I know that the lives of people in Yorkshire and Humberside, from the operations I've been personally involved in, have been protected by that. I couldn't 'get on' with chucking all that out the window.”

Eloise Todd, Labour’s MEP candidate for Yorkshire and head of pro Europe campaign group, Best for Britain said:

“When I set up my campaign I was very clear that if people who voted to stay in only ever talked to people who agree with them then we will not move on as a country. The Brexit talks don’t seem to be going very well due to the Government’s intransigence. I think we will get a public vote and that Labour is the party to deliver that public vote. As Jeremy Corbyn said this morning, that done the right way it could actually be a healing process for the country.”

Alex Sobel, Labour MP for Leeds North West said:

“In the 2017 election, the people of Leeds North West have been clear with me, in emails and in all of my surgeries that the current trajectory of Brexit is not right for them and not right for the country. That is why at every level I have campaigned for a confirmatory public vote with the option to remain as it is only right that the people get the final say. I have listened to you and I am working for you."

A video of the event is available here:


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