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MP hails Otley charge point success

Alex Sobel has today hailed the first public Electric vehicle charge point in Leeds North West.

The MP has had confirmation that installation will commence the week beginning 8th July and will be launched w/c 22nd July.

Alex has pushed hard for this investment, both at local level and in Parliament, having raised it several times in the House of Commons.

In response to the budget last year he said, “In my constituency there is not a single public charge point; this is fourth time I have raised this issue in the House, and there are still no charge points.”

In December he requested investment in his constituency from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority stating in a letter, “I would like to urge you to place at least one of these charge points within my constituency, Leeds North West does not have a single public charge point, despite the A660 being a key arterial highway for traffic moving between Leeds, Bradford, Wharfedale and North Yorkshire.”

Responding to today’s news Mr Sobel said, “I am delighted that our campaign has finally paid off and that Otley will be the home of my constituency’s first public Electric Vehicle charge point. This will be vital in preparing Otley for its carbon neutral future and will encourage cleaner vehicles in our area.

I have campaigned for this extensively, having raised it countless times in the House of Commons and have had several meetings with the combined authority and Leeds City Council to try to make this happen. This news comes on the back of Leeds City Council declaring a ‘climate emergency’ and I am pleased that words have been met with action so quickly. It is a wonderful success, but it is only a start. We have a long journey ahead of us in the fight against climate change and air pollution. I will continue to fight for the health of my constituents and for the future of our planet.”


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