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MP petitions First over “axing” of Headingley X84 stops

Alex Sobel has contacted First Bus as passengers of the X84 and X85 express their ‘deep concern’ over changes that see buses skip stops at Headingley and Hyde Park.

The MP for Leeds North West has received numerous correspondence over the past few days and a petition has received over 300 signatures demanding a reverse to the changes.

Lauren Whyte who started the petition wrote on the site “Because of the problems with my eyes I will never drive. My mum and brother live in Otley and this cuts my off from them as I live in Headingley. I moved where I am to be on a direct bus link to them. Can I ask that everyone complain to first bus....this is a bonkers move on their part.

There are people who work at the Universities in both Headingley and Hyde Park who live in Otley who can now not get to work directly on public transport. Wheatfield’s Hospice is also on the Route, there is also a connecting bus to Chapel Allerton Hospital in Headingley for those that live in Otley. The bus takes the same route but just won’t stop. First bus does not make it easier for those of us with disabilities or without access to a car.”

Alex Sobel said “Many constituents have contacted me to express their deep concern at the changes especially axing the stop at Headingley Arndale and the dramatic affect it will have on their day to day lives. As the lockdown rules are relaxed and people are returning to our roads in even greater number, safe bus use is essential.

We need to see an increase of bus services on our routes to encourage social distancing and to avoid chaos on our roads. Whilst there are risks to using public transport, there is an even greater risk in packed services and in asking people to change buses unnecessarily. It is far better to have our existing services making stops in our key areas on more frequent services.”


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