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MP Praises Social Enterprise as Expansion Plans Take Flight.

Alex Sobel this week visited Leeds based social enterprise Seagulls Reuse to acknowledge the fantastic work they do for the environment and discuss their upcoming expansion plans.

The organisation, that has diverted over 900,000 litres of reusable paint from landfill, aims to raise £50,000 to help renovate a disused brick warehouse next to the current Seagulls HQ at the Aire Mills site in Leeds.

If they meet their target, Seagulls will use the money to build a new paint reprocessing and storage area, build two more workshops for screen printing and upcycling furniture as well as set up a plastic refill shop. They will also develop facilities to support the ever-growing number of staff and volunteers.

Kate Moree and Cate Hyde started Seagulls reuse in 2001. They now employ 18 people, 90% of whom were previously volunteers.

Alex Sobel, who sits on the environmental audit committee in Parliament and chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for Social Enterprise, has pledged his support for the campaign.

He said “It was a pleasure to visit Seagulls, an organisation I know very well from my days working with social enterprises in Leeds. The new shop is looking fantastic and I hope that they raise the money to further what they do for recycling and help more people in our city. It was fascinating to hear about how they help people who have come out of prison gain skills and re-enter the workforce. It was also heart-warming to hear about all the work that they are doing with people who have mental health issues.”

Kate Moree of Seagulls Reuse said; “All profit that we make (whether it’s from paint sales or mosaic workshops) gets put back into the business. This sustains a volunteer program that benefits both people and the planet.

Despite having gone from strength to strength, we aren’t resting on their laurels anytime soon. In 2017, 375 tonnes of paint were collected, twice the amount of the first year. The growth in the need for our services coupled with the desire to employ more people and expand the range of services offered means we need to develop more space.

I am pleased that we have the support of a local MP, especially one who knows what it means to run a social enterprise and appreciates the benefit we have to the environment as well as to mental health in Leeds.”

Cat Hyde said “It’s great to have Alex’s support. More and more paint comes through our doors every day, which means the team must ensure it has enough resources to continue doing great work. We’ve taken on the space needed to do this and now need funds to make these ideas a reality.

The spirit of “people power” is a huge part of what makes Seagulls great. We already receive great support from the local community and are looking for more people to be a part of this and contribute to ongoing success.”

Please support seagulls Reuse at the below link

For more information or to contact seagulls please contact cat and kate on

Tel: 0113 2467501


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