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MP raises minimum staffing requirements in UK care homes after sexual assault case

Alex Sobel has spoken for constituents in the House of Commons after a serious sexual assault of their elderly mother by a fellow resident in a care home.

Mr Sobel suggested minimum staffing ratios in UK care homes to prevent such incidents from happening again. Representing the Government, Health Minister Caroline Dineage said they will take Mr Sobel’s suggestion ‘into consideration.’

Speaking on the floor of the House of Commons chamber, Mr Sobel said, “Some constituents came to me about their mother, who had been sexually assaulted in a care home, not by the staff, but by another patient. I was dismayed to hear that unlike nurseries, care homes have no minimum staffing ratio. Will the Minister look into having minimum staffing ratios in care homes, so that these events do not happen?”

Health Minister Caroline Dineage responded saying, “That is a very interesting question. I have not considered the minimum staffing issue before. We are of course very concerned about training and ensuring that all care staff have a care certificate, so that there is a minimum level of skills training. However, the point about ratios is interesting, and I will take it into consideration.​”


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