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MP's Childcare Warning

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West, warns that the childcare sector is at risk of collapse without targeted Government support

Alex Sobel is calling on the Government to target its financial support at nurseries, childminders and other childcare providers at risk of closure.

The MP for Leeds North West has warned about the devastating impact that mass childcare closures would have on working parents, disadvantaged children and our economic recovery. In Leeds, the number of childcare providers has reduced dramatically in recent years, and research by the Early Years Alliance suggests that a quarter may not survive.

Alex Sobel said:

“Childcare providers were struggling before this crisis, with thousands closing every year, but this crisis poses an existential threat to those that have managed to survive years of underfunding.

"I regularly deal with anxious parents in my constituency who are struggling to find a childminder or nursery for their child, and last year we fought hard against the closure of Cookridge pre-school.

“The UK Government has consistently ignored the needs of nurseries, childminders and other early years providers in this crisis, and now a quarter fear they may be forced to close. This would be devastating for families that rely on childcare, and it would be a huge setback for our economic recovery from Covid-19 which relies on parents being able to go back to work.

“It’s time the Government recognised the importance of childcare and early education for our economic recovery, and brought forward a proper plan to save the early years sector.”


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