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MP Speaks at Youth Climate Change Rally as City Council Declare ‘Climate Emergency’

Alex Sobel gave a rousing speech at the Youth Climate Protest held last Friday.

Young people from all over the city had come out of school to make the case for tackling climate change.

Mr Sobel, who brought the young people’s concerns to Parliament last month told the crowd that the Government did not ‘heed their call.’ He also praised Leeds City Council’s decision to call a climate emergency saying that once again ‘Leeds, Leads,’ prompting chants of ‘Leeds Leeds Leeds’ from the young protesters. Mr Sobel went on to say "We will be the biggest council in the country to have declared a climate emergency. Nearly 800,000 people live in our great city.”

Also speaking at the event was Alex’s son Jakob, aged 11. He said that he believed climate change should be taught in schools.

Police reported that the numbers of young people and their supporters were four times more than expected on Friday, as concerned young people flocked to Leeds from all over West Yorkshire.

Elliot Nathan, Otley and Yeadon Labour candidate for the forthcoming Leeds City Council elections, spent his lunch hour supporting the protest.

“I felt that I had to come out to show my support for these young people, who have decided that they can no longer leave it to the older generation to act as we drift towards climate catastrophe" said Mr Nathan. " If we are to protect our planet, and all the diverse flora and fauna who depend on it - including ourselves - government must act now."

"If elected in May, I want to be part of Leeds City Council’s ongoing work to radically reduce the carbon footprint of our area, and it’s up to all of us as individuals to think about the choices we make.”


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