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MP Works with Police and Crime Commissioner to Address Crime Spike in Otley

Alex Sobel MP has wasted no time in addressing recent concerns around a crime spike in Otley. Alex raised the issue with Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, who assured residents that neighbourhood police officers and police and community support officers (PCSOs) will be deployed to the worst affected areas.

Alex is also urging residents to make sure that no crime goes unreported – and is speaking out against police cuts.

Mark Burns-Williamson said “I am pleased with the reaction of the local police to the spike in reported crime, particularly vehicle crime, in Otley. I understand from West Yorkshire Police that overtime has been authorised for PCSOs to ensure that Otley is covered after midnight. We can do this thanks to our work with Judith Blake and Leeds City Council last year to secure PCSO numbers city wide.

PCSOs can now be deployed wherever they are needed – including when an area like Otley, which generally has very low rates of crime, needs some extra support. We’ve managed to do this despite the savage cuts to the police but also to local councils since 2010, making it harder for the police to keep low-level crime under control.”

Alex Sobel echoed the Police and Crime Commissioner’s sentiments, saying “The quick reaction by the police and the deployment of PCSOs to the area after midnight is reassuring. As soon as they were aware of the spike in crime, our police force took action to respond to Otley’s needs. This just underlines the importance of reporting all crime, however small, to the police. But it’s obvious that the cuts to police funding starting under the Lib Dem and Conservative Coalition government have had far-reaching effects. I hope that the government will listen to local communities and give the police and councils the resources they need”.


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