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Otley's MP meets with Virgin Media after spike in complaints

OTLEY'S MP has met with Virgin Media following a spike in complaints over cabling works in the town.

Alex Sobel raised concerns from residents who are worried about the state of the roads and pavements following the work.

Reported incidents of overly assertive doorstep tactics from Virgin Media were also raised at the meeting.

The Leeds North MP stressed the importance of logging concerns through the company helpdesk available at or 0333 000 5925.

He said:“I am grateful to Virgin for meeting with me and my team and for hearing and responding to the concerns raised by my constituents. We talked through the individual cases that have been brought to my attention and they have agreed to take those on board and act. The council will also be undertaking joint inspections and there will be remedies put forward for areas that do not meet the required standard.

"It is important that residents report concerns directly to Virgin as opposed to the contractor working on site. The company have people on the ground who are there to liaise with the community and have mechanisms in place to respond to complaints and sort out problems.

"Virgin were concerned to hear about the reports of pushy or aggressive sales tactics and are investigating this through their Sales team."

"For now it is important for people to know that they are in no way obliged to speak to sales people on the doorstep and can easily access company packages without buying on the door.

"This work is important. I want to see people better able to connect to super-fast broadband in the town. This helps families and local businesses; those working from home and encourages investment in the town.

"We all accept that there is going to be disruption with any major infrastructure, but the company has a duty to make sure that this is minimised, and that pavements and roads are restored properly.”

Last week Mr Sobel said he had received “an abundance of complaints” following the installation of cable broadband in the town.

Calling for a meeting with Virgin Media he said:“Residents are concerned with the state that roads and pavements have been left in around Otley.”

“Whilst MPs do not have any jurisdiction over private companies and cannot instruct them to act, I will always try and represent constituent concerns."

One local resident, who contacted Mr Sobel to voice concerns, said: “I am surprised at the amount of surface damage to the road and pavement due to the equipment that was used and that no repairs have been carried out so far.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Virgin Media had a positive meeting with MP Alex Sobel to discuss our network expansion in Otley. We are both in agreement that the work we are carrying out is vitally important to help bring faster broadband services to the area. We will continue to liaise with the local council, residents and Alex Sobel to ensure that all work is completed in the most professional matter possible.”

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