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Paraglider's aprons, Vietnamese masks, homemade visors and a Kaiser Chief.

How an MP is providing PPE to Care providers in North Leeds

Alex Sobel MP has taken the PPE crisis into his own hands, procuring and delivering thousands of facemasks, visors and other much needed personal protective equipment to care homes, GP practices and hospices in North Leeds.

Alex has been assisted in delivery by Kaiser Chief’s bassist and Leeds resident Simon Rix.

Having exhausted attempts to pressure the Government into providing the required amount of equipment to the care sector, the MP for Leeds North West has asked the public to get in touch with any PPE they can acquire and has personally delivered it to Care Homes Hospices and GP practices.

Lots of people have been in touch offering PPE. A North Leeds businessperson who trades with Vietnam managed to procure and supply 5000 facemasks; a department of Leeds University has gathered in PPE supplies from Chinese students whose families have sent over masks to help; a couple with links to a paragliding company in Austria provided gowns; and individuals have produced visors working from workshops.

Alex said “It was frustrating waiting for the Government to act, and too often the supply chains to the care sector were jammed or have fallen apart all together. The famed ‘bulk drops’ to resilience forums have not ended up with the care sector getting the PPE they need.

So we thought we would act ourselves, asking the public for donations. We have had a brilliant response. We have been donated facemasks from a businessperson who trades with Vietnam, surgical PPE from students at Leeds University, gowns from an Austrian paragliding business and visors made by local people.

We are in constant communication with our care homes, GPs and hospices and have delivered thousands of pieces directly and continue to do so. It is disappointing that we are having to do the work of a responsible Government.”

Simon Rix said “It is a pleasure working with Alex and it feels good in these times to be doing something proactive and positive. We have had lots of deliveries and the facilities we go to are clearly grateful for the help. We will keep going while there is a need for our help but I hope the Government comes through soon.”

Alex has also spent much of this week helping Otley foodbank with their deliveries.


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