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Public meeting asks for clarification over potential of more night flights at LBA

Leeds North West Member of Parliament, Alex Sobel, attended a public Airport meeting held on October 5, 2023, featuring Vincent Hodder, the CEO of Leeds Bradford Airport. The meeting was convened to address concerns and provide clarity to the public regarding recent Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) applications submitted by the airport.

The meeting, arranged by Councillor Jools Heselwood and chaired by Councillor Emma Flint, took place at the Cookridge Methodist Church, bringing together concerned residents, community leaders, and airport officials to discuss the CLEUD applications that have generated substantial interest and inquiries from the local community.

Mr. Hodder opened the meeting with an overview of the CLEUD applications and the airport's vision for future development. He emphasized the airport's commitment to transparency and community engagement throughout the application process. Mr. Hodder outlined the key points of the applications and the potential implications for the local area.

Councillor Jools Heselwood, who played a pivotal role in organizing the meeting, expressed her dedication to ensuring that the voices of residents are heard, and their concerns addressed.

Councillor Emma Flint, in her capacity as chair, ensured that the meeting proceeded smoothly, allowing for a structured and inclusive discussion. She provided an opportunity for attendees to raise questions and share their perspectives on the CLEUD applications, fostering a constructive dialogue between the community and airport representatives.

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West, welcomed the public's engagement and encouraged continued dialogue between all stakeholders involved. He expressed his commitment to representing the interests of his constituents and facilitating communication between them and the airport.

The meeting provided an insight into the CLEUD applications and offered an opportunity for the community to voice their concerns and seek clarification from the airport. The exchange of information was crucial in addressing the questions and concerns of local residents.

Alex Sobel MP expressed his thanks to Councillor Heselwood, Councillor Flint, and Mr. Hodder for their participation in this important public meeting. He pledged to continue working with all parties involved to ensure transparency, accountability, and the best interests of the community are upheld.

Alex thanked the Council at the meeting, saying “The Council have opened this up to public consultation, which they were not legally obliged to do. The Council have also published the data from the airport for the public to scrutinise”.

Members of the public can submit their factual evidence to the Council at: by the 18th October.


About Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West:

Alex Sobel has been serving as the Member of Parliament for Leeds North West since 2017. He is dedicated to representing the interests and concerns of his constituents and facilitating community engagement on important issues.

About Leeds Bradford Airport:

Leeds Bradford Airport is a key transportation hub serving the Leeds and Bradford metropolitan areas. The airport is committed to responsible and sustainable growth while engaging with the local community and stakeholders.

About Councillor Emma Flint:

Councillor Emma Flint is an experienced community leader and chairperson, skilled in facilitating productive discussions and fostering a sense of inclusivity.

About Councillor Jools Heselwood:

Councillor Jools Heselwood is a prominent figure in local government, known for her dedication to community matters and her role in organizing events that facilitate public engagement.


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