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Public meeting with First planned for Otley as MP makes bus passengers heard.

Alex Sobel has confirmed a public meeting in Otley with the owners of the privately run bus service First Bus.

This follows a well-attended public meeting held in Headingley last month. Mr Sobel had vowed to arrange a similar opportunity for those in the North of the constituency to have their concerns heard by the company.

Mr Sobel, who’s constituency of Leeds North West includes Otley and Yeadon, has been critical of the standard of service provided by First in the past and has consistently called for bus regulation. For the MP though, simply wishing for an improved system is no substitute for tackling problems in the here and now.

He said “I’d like to thank First for agreeing to another public meeting in my constituency and giving the people of Otley, Yeadon, Pool and Bramhope, the opportunity to make their concerns heard once more. Leeds is the only major city in Europe without a mass transit system which makes having a reliable and affordable bus service a major priority for everyone. Our environment and economy depend on convenient public transport to encourage people out of their cars and improve congestion and pollution on our roads.

This is particularly important for Otley which suffers from extreme congestion at peak times of the day. I hope that many people attend the meeting and that we put as much public pressure on First as possible.”

Elliot Nathan, who is Labour’s candidate for Otley and Yeadon said, “I am delighted that this meeting will take place in Otley. Action of this kind is long overdue and I am pleased that we have an MP for our area that takes this kind of initiative. I use the bus services from Otley every day and know the pain of waiting for buses that never come, being trapped in long queues and paying a premium for it. Having spoken to many people on doorsteps in Otley, I know that I am not the only one to feel this way. I will certainly be attending on the 4th April and hope that I am joined by Otley residents.”

Nigel Gill, Labour’s candidate for Adel and Wharfedale and former Otley town mayor said “ I am pleased that this meeting is going ahead and it is a great opportunity for residents to make their concerns known and hear direct answers from First. I know many Bramhope residents attended the Headingley meeting and I am sure many more will attend this one in Otley.”

The meeting will take place Thursday 4th April between 17.30-19.00 at Main Hall, Otley Courthouse, Courthouse St, Otley LS21 3AN.


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