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School bus payment changes delayed

Changes to the cost of Prince Henry’s school buses have been pushed back to April following expressions of concern from affected parents and the local MP.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority had previously subsided the school bus to Prince Henrys but after years of cuts to their budget, announced that the subsidy was to be removed from February. This has meant that parents who were previously paying £37.80 per month will now have to pay £50.

After receiving a raft of constituent correspondence, Alex contacted the combined authority asking them to reconsider the “sharp and sudden increase.”Whilst the increase will still happen, the combined authority has now agreed to keep the subsidy until 20th April.

Alex Sobel said “I am pleased that the subsidy has been kept in place in the short term to allow for parents to make other choices and prepare for the price increases. I am still following up with the authorities to ensure that school bus passes are fully transferable to other public transport.”

“Obviously, we do not want to see price increases at all which add to the already substantial financial burden that parents have to bare at the moment. This serves to highlight the impact of Government cuts at community level and that this Conservative Government are not working for people here in Leeds City region.”


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