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Theresa May confirmed "important" visit by US President the same day Trump cancelled London trip

Theresa May has responded to a letter signed by 100 Labour MPs condemning plans for Donald Trump's UK visit. The letter ends confirming her commitment to a visit from the controversial US President.

Dated 11th of January, the response was written the same day that the US president announced that he would not be visiting London.

The letter begins by stating that the US is the UK's closest bilateral partner and defends the status of the special relationship with reference to intelligence sharing, economic cooperation and the existence of a mutual respect that facilitates open and frank exchange of views.

At 8:57 PM on January 11th, President Trump announced that he would not be making a UK visit due to dissatisfaction over the sighting of the new US embassy in Battersea.

The timing and wording of the Prime Minister's correspondence would appear to indicate that she was unaware of the US President's impending withdrawal from his UK trip.

Alex Sobel said: "It's embarrassing to read the Prime Minister talking up the status of the special relationship and her commitment to Trump's UK visit the same day the US President announced he would not be visiting London."

"The Prime Minister is clearly out of the loop when it comes to its dealing with the current US administration. This does not bode well for the prospect of the UK signing a satisfactory post-Brexit trade deal with the US."


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