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Alex Sobel's Transport Strategy endorsed by Shadow Rail Minister

Alex Sobel’s Transport Strategy for Leeds North West has been endorsed by Shadow Rail Minister Rachael Maskell.

The MP for York Central visited Burley Park train station and described the recently released plan as ‘thoughtful and forward thinking.’

The strategy has recently won an award from road safety charity Brake and has been endorsed by politicians across the political spectrum.

Shadow Rail Minister Rachael Maskell said, “It was a great pleasure to come to Leeds to endorse Alex’s thoughtful and forward-thinking transport strategy.

Unfortunately, my journey from York on the Harrogate line only served to prove why such an approach is needed. It was a slow pacer train with rain water leaking in from the roof. The catastrophic effect of rail privatisation is evident. Labour will nationalise and reinvest in our rail networks, unclogging our roads, reducing our carbon output and powering our local economies, particularly in Northern cities like Leeds.”

Alex Sobel said “Our community led plan for transport has got people, businesses and politicians thinking about ways to transform our transport networks and get Leeds North West moving again. We have a long way to go but I am determined to help create a network that improves public health, the environment, our local economy and brings public transport back into local control.”

The strategy is available here. Copies are available at Otley Library and Headingley library.


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