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Alex Sobel Speaks at People’s Vote March

Alex Sobel MP addressed crowds at Saturdays ‘Put it to the People’ demonstration in London. With an estimated 1-2 million marchers, the demonstration called for a ‘final say’ referendum on EU membership.

Alex Sobel who has been calling for a new referendum spoke to the crowds about the urgency of the situation saying “Theresa May last week said she was speaking directly to the people. They responded by coming out onto the streets and signing the revoke Article 50 petition in their millions. No one supports her deal. It’s time to give the people the final say on Brexit.”

Constituent Katie Hughes said “After months of frustration, anger and dismay at the chaos and incompetence in government, it was an amazing day. We shuffled along together, singing and chatting with people who came from all over the country to say, ‘this madness has to stop’. Thanks Alex for representing your constituents and being there for those who couldn’t make it.”

Speaking on social media later, Mr Sobel said “Today in London was huge. Pleased to speak with so many people from Leeds North West and all over the country as well as on the Left Stage with Clive Lewis MP and Caroline Lucas amongst others. The Prime Minister has run out of road it is time we give the people a final say. #1million

The March followed a statement on Mr Sobel's website, responding to the Prime Ministers 'address to the nation' last week. He said, "So Prime Minister, I have decided. Next week I will support any amendments that would make the Withdrawal Agreement subject to a confirmatory referendum and will vote to revoke Article 50 if the Prime Minister will not support a substantial extension. The deal hasn’t changed, she has simply run down the clock.

So if the deal is allowed to come back, I can assure you that I will vote against it for a third time. These are my decisions, made after careful consideration of both the views of my constituents and what I believe to be best for the United Kingdom at this time."


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