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Coronavirus Update Friday 19th June

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Coronavirus alert level lowered 

The coronavirus alert level has today been lowered from level 4 to level 3.

The Department of Health said “It does not mean that the pandemic is over. The virus is still in general circulation, and localised outbreaks are likely to occur.”

As shown in the image below this means that a Covid-19 epidemic is in general circulation but could lead to a gradual easing of lockdown measures and relaxing of social distancing measures.

Alert Level Table

Covid-19 Death totals in Leeds

There have been 3 further coronavirus deaths in Leeds since Wednesday, bringing the total number of coronavirus deaths at hospitals in Leeds to 323.

£1bn catch-up programme for children 

Whilst the £1bn allocated to schools today is welcomed, the government have yet again been too slow to act, instead intent on forcing through the reopening of schools, ignoring that whilst the 2 metre social distancing rule remains many schools cannot open due to lack of space. They finally conceded this and U-turned on their promise to have children back in school before the summer break.

Schools closed on the 20th March, 3 months ago, since then there has been a ‘limited curriculum online’ relying heavily on parents/carers to supervise. Online tuition could have been set up months ago to help maintain our children’s education.

The £1bn will be split into two funds, £350 million for an online tutoring pot and the remain £650 million being shared between primary and secondary schools. No further details have been released yet, although we can see that colleges and nurseries receive nothing.


Leeds City Council have announced that parking charges which were temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus crisis will be reintroduced on Saturday the 4th July.

I am pleased however to learn that parking charges will still be free for NHS staff and social care staff who are carrying out frontline covid-19 duties.

Keeping Well at Home

Active Leeds and #GetSetLeeds have produced a great booklet on ways to stay healthy and active at home. Taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally during lockdown is important. You can view the booklet at:


Join me tomorrow on Facebook Live at 2pm, where I will be discussing the latest information on Coronavirus, including the easing of the lockdown and answering any related questions you may have.

Follow my Facebook page at to participate and keep up to date with my activities both at home and in Parliament.


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