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Cross party visit to the Middle East

Last week I travelled to the Middle East to meet Israelis and Palestinians as part of a cross-party delegation.

I wanted find out how I could help bring resolution and peace after 4 months of horrific war.

In particular I spent time in the West Bank. While I was out there I recorded videos to try and give people a sense of what's going on.

Here I speak about the call for a ceasefire, hostage release, and most of all peace from people whose families were killed:

Seeing the devastating effect of 7th October was so chilling.

There is so much conflict around the world. So much death and misery. Coming to see the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians so close to each other, so many of whom strived for both has hardened my resolve for peace.

More violence will not make anyone safer. Labour is calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.


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