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MP backs British farming

LEEDS North West MP Alex Sobel joined the National Farmers Union and thousands of farmers and growers including Jeremy Clarkson, MPs, celebrities and members of the general public to take part in the annual celebration of British farming.

The day began with a parliamentary drop-in, where swathes of MPs picked up their wheatsheaf pin badges to wear in Westminster to a debate on the future of British agriculture and, later on, Prime Minister's Questions.

On social media, farming champions across the nation used #BackBritishFarmingDay resources to publish videos and pictures of why they were proud to produce the nation’s food.

Mr Sobel said “British Farming has struggled with the fallout from Covid-19, Brexit and increasingly unpredictable weather. It was important to me as an MP with a significant farming community, that I showed my support to our farmers and the National Farmers Union. It is important that they know how grateful we are for their hard work feeding the nation.”

Back British Farming is the NFU’s campaign to encourage support for the British food and farming sector through simple actions such as buying British produce.


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