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Queensway school to remain open

Queensway Primary School will not close following a public consultation.

The decision is expected to be ratified by Leeds City Council at an executive board meeting tomorrow.

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West said “I am pleased to be able to report that, following a decision from Leeds City Council, Queensway Primary School will not close.

Whilst all the underlying issues and challenges remain, the weight of opposition to the closure within the consultation has led to the decision, not just to pause the closure, but to cancel it altogether.

I would like to commend the parents, teachers, and members of the community for the campaign and for the way they have managed this challenging process. I would like to thank Headteacher Mark Duce and his team for their incredible work and resilience during this time.

I would also like to make mention of Cllr Eleanor Thompson who has been relentless in her lobbying of the council executive, taking responsibility and making the case for families within the school community.

This announcement is good news and will be of great relief to many. But we must now engage in the process of trying to find alternative ways to solve the very real issues of reduced number of pupils in the area coming through, and the continued financial pressure on all our schools.”

In a letter to the school and to Alex Sobel MP, Executive member for Education Jonathan Pryor said, “Tomorrow I will be withdrawing the paper on Queensway from Executive Board.

This would mean that the Council would not be publishing a proposal to close Queensway Primary School, as previously proposed. While issues around the falling birth rate in the Aireborough area are unchanged, the consultation to address this through a closure of Queensway garnered the highest level of responses we have ever received and were overwhelmingly in favour of keeping Queensway open.

As was said throughout, a final decision was never pre-determined, and while a consultation is not a referendum, after reading all contributions to the consultation, it was only right to listen to that strength of feeling.”


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