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Ukraine Visit

Once the aid had been dropped off I continued my journey on the night train to Kyiv, where I attended the Ukrainian Parliament and met with Ukrainian MPs as well as attending President Zelensky's Press conference to mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During my visit I saw first hand in Irpin where cars attacked by Russian Troops were piled on the side of the road - car after car was riddled by bullet holes, cars torn apart by shells. These were families fleeing for their lives.

The very next day in Kyiv I stood in Babin Yar seeing the spot where the Nazis murdered 100,000 Jews and Romany by shooting them in narrow ravines.

The City built an installation to commemorate these deaths just three years ago which is a shiny metal floor with giant metal structures all riddled with real bullet holes to represent the death by barbarism of the Nazis.

As I was standing there, our guide placed a piece of shrapnel in my hand and told me it was from a missile which landed there and killed a family of six in March 2022. The barbarism of 80 years ago linked to the barbarism of now.


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