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Victory for MP and 56 Bus Campaigners

A successful campaign run by Hyde Park residents and local MP Alex Sobel, has seen the changes to the 56 bus route reversed – a move that has been met with approval from local residents and businesses alike.

Hyde Park residents campaigned earlier this year against what they called “discriminatory changes” to the 56 bus route. The First operated bus - which runs between Whinmoor and Moor Grange - changed its route in February, omitting the Queen’s Road stop from its route.

Residents, who were not consulted on the changes, argued that the plans would make life more difficult for elderly and disabled people and would negatively impact local businesses.

Alex Sobel actively worked with Leeds City Council who mandated the reinstatement of the original route.

He said: “A number of constituents wrote to me to express their concern about the changes to the 56. I contacted both First and Leeds City Council to reflect these worries and was pleased that Leeds City Council took decisive action on the matter.”

The move has also been welcomed by local business owners, including the owner of Brudenell Social Club, Nathan Clark: “I’m happy that our local MP and Leeds City Council have taken on board the concerns raised to them by myself, other local business owners and residents in Hyde Park and have worked together to find a solution. Enforcing the changes from First shows that our local politicians are serious about looking after local businesses and residents.’

The 56 bus will resume its original route in September.


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