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Animal Sentience

Animal welfare and rights are greatly important to me personally. It is important that we give animals, particularly within agriculture, human treatment, as it is not only the right thing to do but will also lessen the environmental harms caused by the agriculture industry. I myself am a vegetarian, and I am committed to cutting down my consumption of animal products which are often acquired in ways that I would consider often abhorrent.

The current Conservative Government has not been supportive of passing the Recognition of Sentience Bill in Parliament and have refused to focus their efforts in Brexit talks on ensuring that animals will be treated humanely following Brexit.

The Labour Party is an adamant supporter of animal rights in the UK, with Labour securing the Animal Welfare Act for domestic animals. The Labour manifesto supports a high welfare future for farming, with a ban on the use of cages by 2025.

I have spoken extensively before on animal welfare in Parliament, including putting this question to the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on having animal welfare inspectors

and again I have written to this department to hold the Government to account on the number of animals transported to mainland Europe for slaughter

As your MP, I will continue to do all I can to stand up for animal rights.

You can view the Labour party Animal Welfare Manifesto here

All details are correct at date of publication


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