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Student Cards and First Bus

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In Leeds North West,  a constituency with many students and young people, encouraging the use of sustainable public transport is very important.

A constituent recently wrote to me and said:

‘I am a student of Sheffield University and I live with my parents in Leeds out of term time. In Sheffield anyone with a valid student ID (regardless of where they are a student) can get a single bus ticket for £1 which I think is really good. In Leeds, if I’ve tried to show my student ID I feel I’ve been humoured by bus drivers and they just state I have to be a Leeds student to get discounted bus fares.

I think this is really unfair as I am still a student living in Leeds and I can’t understand why bus drivers can’t accept my student ID. I really don’t have spare money and I struggle a lot to pay full bus fares while I’m at home. I’d be really grateful if you could look into this.’

She is absolutely right – a valid student card should mean a student ticket.

I wrote to First Bus to ask that this could be rectified.

I am pleased to say that First have responded.

They said “I’m pleased to say this is being actively progressed for the new student academic year so students will be able to take advantage of “home” offers as well as the offer in the area of study.”

They are also announcing an extension of the student pricing zone to include journeys as far north as Lawnswood roundabout and as far south as the train station, which is great for students travelling in from halls such as Boddington and for those students who make regular trips back home via train.

It is important that big companies who provide vital services are held to account. As your MP It is a pleasure to represent you locally and nationally.


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